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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the true purpose of FindTheBiz.com?

The FindTheBiz concept was founded in 2010. FindTheBiz exist to empower business owners with powerful marketing and promotion service to reach consumers with ease. If you can work a Smartphone you can easily control, monitor and change your FTB business profile whenever you desire and/or need to. FTB puts these controls are in your hands. Furthermore, we resolve your online exposure worries with a service that plays fair for all its members by displaying your business solely based on location. All members receive fair and equal exposure irrespective of their membership level. FTB members can market their business with videos, photos, informative bio, sales and events with push notices and links to social media. Additionally, your online reputation is under your control with FTB because testimonials/reviews are under your control. FTB members are part of a friendly business community website and our terms of service speak to this. FTB is committed to future upgrades which includes new and improved ways for our members to reach their target market. Additionally, we want consumers and patrons to have confidence in our members and their testimonials/reviews along with a pleasing experience when using our service. Our FTB pledge was drafted to give business owners and consumers that quality control assurance. If your business is your dream, then FTB is here to help you live in your dream and live in it with an abundance of prosperity.

2. Why should I become a member of FindTheBiz.com?

FindTheBiz is the brainchild of a business owner designed and developed for small business owners. The FTB marketing and promotion service provides fair and equal exposure to all is its members. FTB members enables business owners to target market to consumers within their community. FTB alleviates headaches and hassles of other online marketing services. FTB members are in total control of their FTB business profile. Members can update and change their profile whenever they want to at no charge. There are 4 distinct levels of FTB… Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Our paid members can promote by sale or special event and link these to social media and/or send pushes to consumers who favorite their business. Gold and Platinum members can use a separate video to launch a sale or event.

The FTB platform was developed by business owners who understand the importance of:

  • maintaining a good and reputable business and protecting that reputation.
  • marketing and promoting your brand within your community.
  • having more online marketing control.
  • maintaining fair and more than reasonable business marketing and promotion expenses.
  • not gaming your marketing and promotion by ramping up competition because competition is always inherent in business.
  • the “KISS Principle” and not making biz owners jump through hoops to market effectively, especially when it is service members pay to be part of.
  • new start-ups needing to create a brand and business reputation without the considerable cash outlay to do it.
  • having the back of our members.  

When FTB went live back in October 2011 our format began as a video marketing format for our members to have their own self-controlled marketing channel. In 2010 email marketing was still providing the best ROI and the push to video market was in its infancy. Numbers now show that online marketers agree that video marketing provides the best ROI, approximately 52% and quickly increasing. Present numbers show that 87% of online marketers are using video to market their products and services. FTB provides your business with the ability to utilize this powerful tool and, if you are not presently using it you are losing business. FTB has made it so your business stands out from others by message delivered to consumers from first contact and ongoing communications to the public and to consumers who are already in love with your business. This is how it should be! The FTB motto is let the consumer decide. The result is a level playing field for all FTB members. The yield is unlimited marketing power and control, so you can achieve gains in revenue. You can even affect your day to day in profits by launching a sale and/or event and change them daily without any concern over cost. Additionally, FTB exist to help reduce your marketing budget and curtail the profit sharing your business has with companies that exist to cut into your profit margin. When it comes to your marketing FTB has your back! There are no hidden charges or surprises. FTB is here to help make sure your business is found and branded within your local community! 

Still need more convincing?  Check out our "More Information" link at bottom of the page because there are more than 50 good reasons why becoming a member is wise on your part. 

3. Why should I video market my business?

You don’t have to video market but if you don’t you are leaving out great and powerful resource which if done well will certainly increase yearly revenue. Research shows that marketing with video grows your business 49% faster than not using video. One half of all web users will view a video before visiting a store. Using a video to market your business will yield a 54% increase in your brand awareness. Wyzowl research found that 90% of consumers watch video on their mobile device. It has also been found that 66% more leads are generated when using video to market your business. Remember that when it comes to video vs reading about your product or service approximately 95% of consumers would rather watch a video than read about it. People also retain much more information after watching a video about something vs reading about it.

4. How long can the video be?

Each video can only have a maximum length of 60 seconds. It does need to be long to be good. A good and professional 30 seconds video can be extremely effective.

5. How do I make the video and in what format should the videos be made?

Your video should be produced in one of the following formats: 1280/720p or higher quality HD videos will work. If your video format is this quality or higher uploading it will not likely incur any issue. To minimize upload issues and to maintain quality control of our site FTB.com we require your video production conform to the above formats. If your video is not produced in one of the suggested formats or if it does not meet the time requirements there may be issues during your upload.

6. Can you refer me to a videographer?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide for you a videographer due to the quality screening issues for such a large service area. Smartphones can make and edit and yield professional quality videos with HD resolution. Consider making the video yourself as many people do on YouTube (and they get paid for them). If you do not know of any videographers in your area or you yourself cannot produce the quality of video you would like to display, then we recommend searching the internet for such providers near you. Qualified companies or professional videographers would include those who provide video memories for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or any other special occasions. Additionally, you may likely find a videographer via an internet or YouTube search.

7. How do I upload my video(s) and photo(s)?

To upload your video, you must first upload your video to your computer, smartphone or mobile device. Assuming you have done this step, click the browse button on the video upload page of your profile. Once you find your video, double click it to load the title in the upload section. If you have done this, click the upload button to transfer the data to the site. Wait for the title to appear on the page. Congratulations, you have completely uploaded your video. Photos are done in the same manner on the page with the photo upload button.

8. How do I make panoramic pictures of my facility?

Creating 360 degrees panoramic views of your facility can be easily performed by taking the pictures with some smartphones and digital cameras. Finish the photos with a photo editor or have them edited by any photographer with experience.

9. Is there a rating system? Why or why not?

No. We believe testimonials are sufficient. The reason has to do entirely with the purpose of FTB which is to promote and market the businesses of our members. “FindTheBiz is all about your biz.” Therefore, we feel it is best for users to post testimonials to our members’ profiles. We give you control of selecting the testimonials you want to display. Although a negative testimonial can hurt your marketing efforts, and will likely not be displayed, it can also help to improve your business by giving you the opportunity to address and correct any issues or problems given in your testimonials and we strongly suggest that you do just that. There are other websites which may shed a negative light on your business via a rating system and negative reviews. We are not here to have your business deselected or filtered out by negative reviews. FTB was designed to help all its members promote and market their business by informing the users who they are, where they are and what they have to offer. We believe member businesses which receive a negative testimonial will work hard to correct issues adverse to the existence of their business. After all, the nature of a successful business is to make changes as needed to improve public relations. Furthermore, as more and more patrons are finding out about your business your revenue is likely increasing and as business owners reinvesting into your business is usually what is needed to improve the business and help to address any adverse issue. Our wish is for all our members to thrive and improve their business each year through year around business exposure.  


10. Why do Platinum members have multiple video in their profiles?

Platinum members can upload up to 4 different videos. Some suggestions for video production are sale promotions within your business, different season promotions or just different themes for each video. Rotate your display video as often as you like, but you should keep statistics on the video for the number of new clients you receive when each is displayed to determine which are most effective.